December 30 | Luke 1:39-56

“There’s Something About Mary”

Story-Telling-Through-BagsSo Mary takes a little trip to see Elizabeth, who at that time was pregnant with John the Baptizer. As Elizabeth greets her with excitement, John “leaped in her womb” and she asks why it is that Mary, the “mother of my Lord”, would come to visit her. Mary’s response is what has become a famous passage, set to song and called “The Magnificat”. What we miss all too often in this song, is why it is there. Elizabeth asks why it is that she deserves this visit from Mary and The Magnificat is Mary’s response. What’s interesting to me is that her song does not really answer Elizabeth’s question. Elizabeth essentially says, “so why is it that you’ve made this journey to come and visit me?”, and Mary’s response is, “My soul magnifies the Lord”. And then she goes on about how honored she feels and the great things God has done and is doing in and through her.

I’m beginning to realize that there’s something about Mary that I love. She makes this journey because she just can’t wait to tell Elizabeth. Often times in church-world we talk about “The Woman at the Well” being the “first evangelist” because her story takes place early in John and she runs back to her town tell everybody about what happened. I think Mary is our first evangelist. Jesus isn’t even born yet, and she’s telling people about him. God is doing amazing things in and through her and she can’t not tell people. Why is it that we get so shy about what God is doing in and through us today? What God did in and through Mary is far more strange than anything God does in and through me, but all too often I cast it off as too weird to tell people about. God was born in me and has been birthed out of me- not in the literal sense, like with Mary, but in a very real, spiritual and metaphorical sense, God has been born in and birthed out of me and you.

I pray that we all can find the right words and the right times to share our stories in the way Mary does here. She gives us a great model. She starts with someone she knows and trusts. That’s all we need to do; start with telling your story to people who know and trust you, and the more you do you will find the words to authentically share about what God has done and is doing in and through you. May our experiences with God in our lives be so real and so authentic that we too find the words and ways to share them. May we all cry out, “My soul magnifies the Lord”.

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