Waiting to Look at Luke

look at luke white
Welcome to “A Look at Luke”, a 15 week sermon, study, and discussion series on the Gospel of Luke at Aldersgate United Methodist Church in St. Louis Park, MN. On Christmas Eve we will be launching this series wherein we will look into the Gospel of Luke through sermons, daily reading, group discussion, and this blog, which will consist of daily wonderings from Aldersgate UMC’s pastor, Paul Baudhuin. More details will be coming soon, such as a daily reading schedule and a printable bookmark with that schedule on it for you to print up and keep in your Bible. These bookmarks will also be available at Aldersgate UMC for you to take home. This series is not meant to be an exhaustive “teaching” series on what the Gospel of Luke means. It is meant to call of us into the Gospel, to note what we see in it, and wonder together about not only what it might mean, but (more importantly), how God is calling us through it. It’s sure to be a great journey of examine the life, teachings and way of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. So get ready to dive in and take “a look at Luke with us”!

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